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Shawn Mummert - Cincinnati Creative

Shawn Mummert

Founding Partner

To most people, “technology” conjures up vague images of cell phones and Megabytes and CPUs.

But long ago, Shawn Mummert – a devoted tech-head if there ever was one – came to realize that technology is far more than motherboards and hard drives. Rather, it’s about finding new ways to tell a story. Or to share an idea. Or to advance a philosophy. Or complete the task. Shawn does understand the technology itself, of course. He can launch a web site, design a new financial system, implement a re-branding or set up an impenetrable firewall with the best of them. But even more important, he understands that developing and implementing new software is only one part of the job of managing complex challenges.

To Shawn, technology is a tool. In some ways, it’s not unlike a carpenter’s favorite hammer. In the hands of a novice carpenter, it’s a reliable implement for hammering nails. But in the hands of a master carpenter, that same hammer is one in a vast array of specialized tools that can help him create something masterful and memorable, something with lasting impact.
It’s the same with Shawn and technology. For him, it has never been enough to just confirm that all the links work or that a payment is routed to the proper account. There has to be a measure of accessibility, of common sense, of logic. To him, technology must have a certain measure of humanity, a true sense of purpose.

Software has to work, of course. But we have to leverage its investment for all who rely on it. Every person. Every time. Every day.

Scott Griffith

Founding Partner

When people think of marketing, most conjure images of sports TV ads or annoying digital ads that crash your mobile browser.

For Scott, marketing is simply language.

The beautiful part of that is both art and science of digital marketing is allowing your prospects to tell you want they need and solving that request as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Cincinnati Creative loves helping clients understand the language and needs of their customers and solving them with efficient and simple solutions from SEO audits and adjustments, data analytics that show who they are and what they’re trying to accomplish to marketing automation tools that save time and money.

It can be difficult get the attention of larger agencies for smaller companies and non-profits. We believe they should be introduced to the same great tools as the big companies. Agile, simple and cost effective.